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3rd Tourism Conference is held in the Presidency Complex Health Tourism for Healthy Development of Turkish Tourism

The 3rd Tourism Conference Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was held in the Presidency Complex. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the Conference. Following the opening speeches, in the session attended by the relevant ministers Health Minister Dr.Ahmet Demircan told about the health tourism. Underlining that the money spent on health tourism in the world is 500 billion dollars, Demircan said that this figure is expected to reach 1 trillion dollars in a short time. Stating that primarily the health of the tourists coming to Turkey comes to mind first and "We need to improve the quality of our health services in touristic areas. The tourist who comes here should be able to get the necessary health care service in a better quality than his country. " he added. Stating that ‘30 million people go abroad every year and an average tourist in our country spend approximately 15 thousand dollars for health.’ Health Minister Ahmet Demircan continued his speech: ‘"In tourism, 50 million tourists and a revenue of $ 50 billion is targetted. To raise a thousand dollars the expenditure of tourists per capita, there are ongoing studies. However, a tourist in the field of health spends an average of 15 thousand dollars. We can earn 20 billion dollars from health tourism in the year 2023. Stating our facilities, our geography and human capital is appropriate for reaching the goals of health tourism Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan said: "It is possible to reach more than 12 countries within a 1 hour flight from our country, more than 57 countries within a 4 hour flight and up to 1.5 billion people are reachable." Demircan explained that the physical opportunities in health have been gradually improving and that the quality of the physician and the services have also increased, and that we were not outdated in the world in this regard. Stating our 48 health centers are accredited in the world and noting that this number could increase much more with the studies, Demircan said: ‘"We are about to complete the bases of legislation. In this regard, we will refer legal proceedings to the Assembly. Also, there is a great demand in the world about rehabilitation centers and elderly care. Our country and our facilities are also suitable for this. There is no reason we cannot reach the 2023 targets we have already set.